ESWC2016 Developers Hackshop

The hackshop formerly known as workshop

Participate in the Hackathon

You want to gather developers to code on your topic?
Awesome idea! Write a short paragraph about your Hackathon topic.

Participate as a presenter

Submission deadline
April 3, 2016
April 17, 2016
May 29 or 30, 2016

Submit through EasyChair.

Category 1: Applications for End Users

Show that the Semantic Web is not just an academic exercise!
Build an application with Semantic Web / Linked Data technologies that is targeted at real-world users.
We want to know how you did it, and what role SemWeb tech plays. You can submit:

Papers can be submitted in PDF or HTML through EasyChair.

Category 2: Tools for Developers

Developers need tools to build applications.
Tell us about a tool or technique you’ve created, and explain how people can use it. You can submit:

Submission can be sent as an abstract (URL) or paper (PDF or HTML) through EasyChair.

Category 3: Discussion & Draft

You want to discuss about a technical topic with other developers?
Great idea! Write a short paragraph about your discussion topic.

You have a preliminary idea, demo or repository?
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You have something else to share with fellow developers?

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